About Britt

Britt Baker currently lives in Washington, DC, where she works as an Associate at lobbying firm, BGR Group. 

Britt is a former U.S. Senate Speechwriter. While working on the Hill for the Senate Majority Whip, she discovered her passion for storytelling and has since published an article in Darling Magazine discussing her experience on the Hill and the state of women in politics, as well as contributing to other whimsy articles. 

After spending five years in Washington, D.C., she returned home to the South with her husband, Coalter, where she managed a startup nonprofit, Urban Avenues, in Birmingham, AL. She’s also spent a season living out West in Phoenix with her husband and their goldendoodle puppy, Austin. But the great reality of who she is and how she is, revolves around her passion for meaningful impact. 

You can follow Britt’s latest adventures on Twitter and Instagram at @brittgbaker