(City Guide) I EAT New York

By: Stewart Bean
Three years is a short amount of time when you think about it, but it’s more than enough time to settle into routines, find your favorite street corners, and claim a few coffee shops as your own. New York City left more than an impression on me during my (almost) three years there. We ended things two months ago, and I truly haven’t stopped thinking about her since I left. New York is bold, dynamic, aspiring, and down right disgusting at times. She’s a romantic at heart (cue Sinatra), but still maintains a frosty sensibility that can seem heartless. Days there were chock-a-block full of surprise and delight for this small townee, and others were cold (I mean really cold) and sometimes despairing. There is something for everyone in New York City no matter who you are or where you’re from. These are a few places I come back to in my memory of that beloved place, and hope to return to very soon.


L: Busy waiters serve the brunch crowd at Buvette. R: The butter and cheese helpings are generous.Brunch_sm.jpg

1. Buvette
West Village
42 Grove Street
Bustling, clanky, and squeeze your legs in tight. This tiny, french bistro has locations in NYC and Paris and is (dare I say it) my favorite spot in all of New York City. Get there early. The line forms early.

2. The Smile
26 Bond Street
Don’t miss the entrance to this warm and cozy basement eatery down a set of stairs on Bond Street. With just the right amount of rustic charm it’s a definite go-to for casual brunch or a simple cup of joe. Try to snag a table in front by the windows.

3. Egg Shop
Lower East Side
151 Elizabeth Street
“Eggs y’all.” That’s the slogan here, and aforementioned eggs make an appearance on just about every dish. You can eat them paired with healthy greens or with fried chicken, y’all.


L: Bluestone Lane’s monochromatic decor. R: Little Collins signature green cups.Coffee_sm.jpg

1. La Colombe
400 Lafayette Street
Bring your cool card and post up with your caffeine of choice in this sleek, roomy cafe. I’m a short Americano man myself. Or grab your cup to go and take a short walk over to Washington Square Park. Trendy people watching in or out.

2. Little Collins
Midtown East
667 Lexington Avenue
If you find yourself in Midtown needing a little perk between tourist traps and 5th Avenue window gazing, duck into this Aussie-run cafe for a quick cup. Not for the claustrophobic, it’s best to get in and get out. This shop is proportionally named.

3. Bluestone Lane
Upper East Side
2 East 90th Street
If you don’t go for the coffee, then go to worship the space. This cafe is located in the wing of a 19th century, neo-Gothic style church on the Upper East Side’s Museum Mile. It’s a perfect stop between The Met and Cooper Hewitt museums.


L: The Met Roof Garden and cafe by night R: and by day

1. The MET Roof Garden and cafe (summer only)
Upper East Side
1000 5th Avenue
If you’re visiting in the summer, a late afternoon spirit is a must on top of The Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Admission fee to enter the museum is a suggested price. Pay as little or as much as you wish and head up to the roof for a truly breathtaking view of the Manhattan skyline with a Manhattan in hand.

2. Minetta Tavern
Greenwich Village
113 Macdougal Street
This is the New York you’ve imagined from the movies. Minetta Tavern is perfectly situated on a timeless corner of Greenwich Village, and if the gold, hand-lettered window doesn’t make you nostalgic then the black and white checkered floor and shiny red leather booths inside will. A lovely place to sit and have a cocktail at the bar with one on eye on the door to see who may come in next. Go for pre-dinner drinks, but if you do stay for dinner get the Black Label Burger with frites.

3. Please Don’t Tell
East Village
113 St Marks Place
For an unforgettable nightcap, maneuver your way past the seedy bar scene of the East Village to Please Don’t Tell (PDT). The entrance to this moody speakeasy can be found by first entering the late night greasy spoon, Crif Dogs, and then through a nondescript phone booth to the left. Try to call ahead and get a reservation day of, but if you can’t, grab a hotdog and some crinkle fries and wait your turn to get in. It’s worth it.


L: Billy’s Reid’s converted theater turned retail store. R: Saturdays Surf West Village corner at Christmas.Shops_sm.jpg

1. Billy Reid
54 Bond Street
A sanctuary for the Southern transplant in the North. Worn oriental rugs and magnolia leaves don this Alabama native’s luxurious retail store. As equally warm as the space are the staff who work there.

2. Goods For the Study
234 Mulberry Street
For the lovers of order, craft and beauty. Fine paper goods, art prints, and desk accessories from Japanese and Danish makers are begged to be displayed and not tossed in your desk drawer.

3. Saturdays Surf
West Village
17 Perry Street
Yes, you can add surfboard to your NYC shopping list. Not only does Saturday Surf sell boards, but upscale, men’s apparel and accessories. Not to mention, they win best corner in the West Village in my book. Grab a coffee inside while you shop.



Stewart Bean is a Design Director living in San Francisco, California. A Southerner at heart, he runs a site called Y’all Collective (re-launching in April) documenting creatives who have left the South for New York City.

See his #foundtype adventures on Instagram or his newly created SF-based tumblr

[Photo by Lindsay Brown @LindseaBrown]


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