Eat Spots: Birmingham, Alabama

Spots I’m loving lately in the Magic City and also a few words on why.


Revelator Coffee Co.
This modern chic meets minimalist style coffee shop is sweeping the South with it’s good tasting coffee, hip ambiance, and cool baristas. Put simply: They are

Bottega Cafe
Highly acclaimed chef, amazingly good-tasting food + for all you 20 to 30 something year olds who can’t really afford expensive meals out during the week, you can still enjoy a gourmet dinner + local draft beer pairing for only $10 after 9:00 pm any night of the week. Oh, except Monday night, because they are closed along with all the other Birmingham elite eat spots. 


El Barrio Restaurante Y Bar
Favorite Mexican spot in BHAM: the margs, the queso, the eclectic vibe – it rocks. 

It’s a coffee shop & a bar. So it’s a coffee bar, with darn good (Stumpton) coffee at that. They offer great cocktails and amazing service – mainly due to Mixologist Steva Casey being in charge and if you’ve ever had one of her cocktails, you’ll know firsthand they’re hard to beat. Plus Avondale’s all sexy now. 


Post Office Pies
We can’t get enough of it. Chef and owner John Hall you are a genius. And again, Avondale. 

Woodlawn Cycle Cafe
New coffee shop located in the heart of Woodlawn, it’s one block from my office, and it’s also the best place in the Magic City to get an iced almond milk latte, because they only carry two kinds of milk and the paleo inside of me can only drink the non-dairy kind.


Dram Whiskey Bar
Sunday nights and 1/2 price bottles of wine mixed with good company and stirred in with some of those damn good truffle fries + rosemary ketchup = a great evening out at this little spot tucked into the heart of Mountain Brook Village.

Iron Tribe Fitness
Let’s be honest, we actually all can’t just wake up like this.


Avondale Brewing Co.
Great beer. Again, Avondale and all it’s sexiness is getting Birmingham on the map for places to come to. Plus, they have a great event space upstairs that’s perfect for hosting Five Loaves dinners, which we all love. Trunks up people. 

Sprout & Pour
3 words: cold.pressed.juices. Enough said. 

Savages Bakery
When I was still eating sweets/sugar/flour, anything with fun flavor really, I couldn’t pass by Homewood without stopping in for just one cookie. Little tip, always go for the prettiest – it not only taste the best, but it feeds the inner 6 year old kid inside of us all. 


Feast & Forest
Last but certainly not least – this new bakery downtown off 2nd serves up a mean dream breakfast bowl (Garden & Gun thought so too in there latest issue) as well as some other favorites you won’t find anywhere else – unless you stumble across a nutella pop-tart or signature chocolate croissant by the Baking Bandits, because well, then you might. 

Did I forget some places? Well sure I did, but I gotta keep you coming back for more. If you just can’t get enough, then you can follow our friends over @thediningdarlings on Instagram for more eat spots in Birmingham…and beyond the Mason Dixon.



(Photo credits: Lauren Bailey @laurenbaileyphoto; Frank Daley @thedaleyfrank; Britt Baker @brittgbaker)



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